About EFD

About EFD

EFD flexible PVC energy saving doors, welding screens and curtains contribute to a safer working environment, a lower energy bill and a better logistic flow in your organisation.

We manufacture and distribute

E.F.D. B.V. (E-Products Flexible Doors) is manufacturer of flexible doors, curtains and welding screens and a distributor of flexible PVC.

Our flexible doors and – curtains are an easy to install and functional enclosure for each (door)opening. People, pallets or forklifts can pass, without stopping, through the strips or by pushing open the PVC door panels of the flexible door.

With our welding curtains and screens we create a safer working environment. The coloured welding PVC protects against welding sparks and the harmful UV-light.

Wide range of flexible PVC

With our extensive selection of PVC strips, sheets and film we have for almost every application the right solution.