Strip curtains are the most economical way to save energy and protect employees from adverse environmental conditions such as cold, heat, noise, dust and drafts.
A strip curtain is easy to install and can save hundreds of euro's per year on energy costs.

EFD PVC strips are crystal clear, have rounded edges for safety and there is a flame reducer and UV-stabilizer added to the stripmaterial.



Quotation Strip Curtains



Strip Curtain – Sliding Track


Wenn there is a need to open the doorway a sliding track curtain is the best option.

Our Sliding Track uses 100mm increments that are connected together, making the strip curtain run smoother and it is possible to make a 90° curve.

The Sliding Track Strip Curtains can be mounted to the wall or to the ceiling. 



Strip Curtain – Accordion


Our Accordion Strip Curtains are the perfect solution when the doorway needs to be open but on one or both sides there is little to no space for a sliding track.

The accordion strip curtains can be mounted as a wall- or header mount.
One sided curtains open 100% to the left or right side, Bi-Parting curtains are divided in two parts that open 50% to the left and 50% to the right side.




Strip Curtain – Overhead Door Brackets


Overhead Door Brackets are used for sectional doors, where it is not possible to mount the strip curtain hardware to the wall or ceiling.
Using the Door Bracket the strip curtain is projected around the door opening, making it possible for the sectional door to open and close. 



Strip Curtain – Curtronizer


In most restaurants you can find coolers and freezers that consume a lot of energy.
Every time a door opens warm air enters the cooler and freezer.
Curtronizer strip curtains are specially designed for personnel doors to allow the cooler and freezer door to remain opened while the strip curtain maintains the temperatures inside the cooler and freezer.

Curtronizer strip curtains are 1000mm wide and maximum 2400mm high.
The mounting bar is made of high impact polypropylene and can be mounted to the wall above the doorway. 


Quotation Strip Curtains

Strip curtain clear

Strip curtain sliding track

Strip curtain accordion half-open

Curtronizer strip curtain