Welding Curtains


EFD Welding Curtains offer protection against welding sparks and UV-light.

Our welding curtains are supplied with fixed-, sliding- or accordion mounting hardware.


Welding strips are 300 mm wide and 2 or 3 mm thick and used in welding curtains with an overlap of 33%, 67% or 100%.
An alternative for the welding strips are our welding sheets which are 570 mm wide x 1 mm thick and can be used when there is no mechanical load.


Our welding PVC have a red, bronze or green colour.

For heavy welding we recommend the green colour.


Quotation Welding Curtains



We offer a range of standard size welding curtains that are 1300 mm wide, 0.40 mm thick and 1600, 1800, 2000 or 2200 mm high.
Each curtain has eyelets on the top side for fastening and snaps on the left and right hand side to combine multiple curtains.


Red Bronze Green Dark Green
Welding Curtain Red Welding Curtain Bronze Welding Curtain Green Welding Curtain Dark Green
Welding Curtain Red Colour Welding Curtain Bronze Colour Welding Curtain Green Colour Welding Curtain Dark Green Colour