Welding Screens


E-Pro Screen welding screens offer protection against welding sparks and UV-light.


All screens have coloured weld screen PVC in sheets and strips.
The sheets have a red, bronze or green colour with a smooth finish.
Welding strips red and bronze have a smooth finish, the green colours a frosted finish.


We offer four types of screens, from a lightweight model S up to a heavy duty 3500mm wide model XL screen.


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More information on the different screens:

EFD-pijl1E-Pro Screen S, leightweight screens 1400x1800 mm

EFD-pijl1E-Pro Screen M, light duty screens 2000x2000 mm
EFD-pijl1E-Pro Screen L, medium and heavy duty screens 2100x2000 mm
EFD-pijl1E-Pro Screen XL, medium and heavy duty screens 3500x2000 mm