E-Pro Screen M welding screens are 2000 mm wide and 2000 mm high.

The screen is made of aluminium or galvanized steel rectangular tubes 30x30x2 mm.

Model M screens are available with a 0.40 mm thick PVC welding curtain, 570x1 mm welding sheets or 300x2 mm welding strips in a red, bronze or green colour.


Red Welding Sheets Bronze Welding Sheets Green Welding Sheets  
Lasscherm-M-Sheet-Rood Lasscherm-M-Sheet-Donkerrood Lasscherm-M-Sheet-Groen  
Red Welding Strips Bronze Welding Strips Green Welding Strips Dark Green Welding Strips
Lasscherm-M-Lamel-Rood Lasscherm-M-Lamel-Donkerrood Lasscherm-M-Lamel-Groen


Red Welding Curtain Bronze Welding Curtain Green Welding Curtain Dark Green Welding Curtain
Lasscherm-M-Gordijn-Rood Lasscherm-M-Gordijn-Donkerrood Lasscherm-M-Gordijn-Groen Lasscherm-M-Gordijn-Donkergroen


Quotation Weld Screen