EFD Impact Doors are made of galvanized or stainless steel frames with flexible PVC doorpanels. An impact Door is used for energy control, reduce draft, cold- & heat loss.


The EFGS impact door is designed for light and medium industrial applications. Panels made of 7mm thick flexible PVC in Standard, Low Temperature, Reinforced. EFGS impact doors are maximum 3000mm wide  and 3000mm high.


EFSS impact doors are designed for the food service but can also be used for light industrial applications. The hardware is made of stainless steel and the maximum doorsize is 2800mm wide x 2800mm high. Door panels are available in 7mm thick Standard, Low Temperature, Reinforced PVC.


In most restaurants there are walk-in coolers and freezers that use a lot of energy. Using a EFPP swing door will allow the doors of the cooler or freezer to remain open while the impact door maintains the temperature on the inside. The unique design allows the door to open in and out on an even plane. PVC panels are available in flexible PVC in standard clear for coolers and low temp clear for freezers. A EFPP-2400 swinging door is maximum 1500mm wide x 2400mm high and comes with flexible clear PVC panels in standard quality for coolers and low temp for freezers.