Strip curtains

A PVC strip curtain is a practical way of counteracting negative environmental influences on your business processes – for example, draft, heat, cold, damp, dust or noise – and improving working conditions for your employees. PVC strip curtains also help optimize climate control, saving you hundreds of euros on your energy bill. In fact, strip curtains can serve endless purposes. Use them to divide or create dust-free rooms, separate cleaning and polishing areas, screen off dressing rooms in a gym.

Or for example install flexible partitions between a brewery kettle room and the storage area, create flexible passageways between indoor and outdoor swimming pools, protect machinery, create freezer or refrigerator passageways, provide flexible access to refrigerated areas in supermarkets, set up a dust barrier between a workshop and a storeroom, seal off the doorway to a dry stripping booth for furniture, and much more. Our flexible doors and curtains are also fire retardant (B2 flame retardant standard) and contain a UV stabilizer.