PVC Strips

Which size where?

  • 100mm wide (standard 2mm thick, available in 1.2mm and 3mm) for small openings of up to 1000mm height, not suitable to keep out drafts.
  • 200mm wide (standard 2mm thick, 3mm advisable for an external passageway) for openings of up to 3000mm height indoors and 2500mm outdoors/drafty conditions.
  • 300mm wide (standard 3mm thick, 2mm, 4mm and 5mm optional) for openings of up to 5000mm height indoors and 4000mm outdoors.
  • 400mm wide (standard 4mm thick, 2mm and 3mm optional) for openings of up to 9000mm height indoors/outdoors, usually for 4000mm and above outdoors or 5000mm and above indoors.

The strips must overlap to a certain extent, depending on the purpose of the curtain, the volume and type of traffic and the height of the passageway. A minimum overlap of 50mm is ideal for people but not suitable for preventing draft or for an outdoor opening. The most common overlap is 100mm. For high, drafty passageways, 400mm wide strips are often used with 200mm overlap (100%, 200mm on the left + 200mm on the right).

Our PVC strips are 100mm to 600mm wide and 1.2mm to 5mm thick.

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