Welding Screens

Our mobile welding shields make it easy to create a safe workplace. A welding screen consists of a sturdy frame (aluminium or galvanized steel) with coloured welding film, welding curtains, welding sheets or welding strips that provide excellent protection against sparks, spatters and UV light.

A mobile welding screen is equipped with four castors for easy relocation.

We offer a standard size welding screen consisting of an aluminium frame with tensioned, 2-mm thick PVC film.

welding screen S140 red

Welding Screen S140

  • Our smallest, lightweight welding screen
  • Standard size 140cm wide x 180cm high. Screens can be made to measure.
  • Aluminium frame with tensioned, 2-mm thick PVC welding film.

In addition to the aluminium frames, we can make welding screens in almost any size.

Flexible welding-quality PVC strips
Welding screen PVC film/Welding film: Our welding screen film is 1500mm wide and 1mm thick and protects against the UV light emitted during welding. Use welding film to create a safe environment for welders and others nearby.