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Because we give our clients better dividing softwall solutions for regulating and controlling their work environment, where health, safety and energy efficiency are vital. EFD offers just the right solutions.

Our customers see investing in their workplace as an opportunity rather than an expense – an opportunity to work better, faster and safer. We help them by focusing on air quality, light, noise and temperature. That’s our main driver!

Why choose EFD?

One-stop shop
EFD specializes in workplace and commercial dividing softwall solutions, with a comprehensive range of PVC products and state-of-the-art processing equipment.

Our quality management system focuses on continuous improvement, making us better able to meet our customers’ needs.

Wide choice
With 20,000kg to 40,000kg of PVC in stock, EFD has the most complete range of flexible PVC curtain strips on rolls. We stock more than 80 different sizes, grades and colours of PVC film, strips and sheets. In addition to our standard sizes, we can also supply custom-made products.

We truly want to help our customers
Over the past 15 years, our company has grown into a major force in its field. We owe our success to our customer-oriented approach. This includes clear agreements and short communication channels.

Rapid delivery
Because we keep many of our products in stock, we can guarantee prompt delivery. EFD flexible doors, strip curtains and tracks are packed in sturdy cardboard boxes, with larger orders shipped on pallets.       .

Your convenience is important to us. Your problem is our challenge. How can we help?

Centrally located in Europe
EFD’s distribution center is centrally located on the Dutch A2 highway close to the Belgian and German borders. Our large inventory and in-house production ensure rapid delivery to our customers in Europe.

Cutting service
Besides PVC film and sheets on rolls, we also offer a cutting service. PVC film and sheets can be cut to your specifications to a maximum width of 2000mm. Our cutting machine can also turn out complicated notches, contours, perforations or other shapes. The CNC cutting machine cuts to an accuracy of less than a tenth of a millimetre and can read your DXF-format CAD drawings.

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What customers say about us

Our wide range of products will allow you to optimize your work climate, minimize energy costs, and maximize safety and logistics in your organization.

Our day-to-day activities are guided by our values: quality, service and commitment.

Reliable delivery
Large inventory size and wide product range